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The Truth About Menopause And How Evening Primrose Oil Can Help

Menopause signals a significant change in women’s lives. When it comes, you may experience a host of bodily changes that may be difficult to cope up with. Here, evening primrose oil can be a lot of help. Let’s take a closer look at what it can provide to women going through menopause.

What Goes On During Menopause

Menopause is the stage where your body starts producing less estrogen which triggers a series of changes. There are three stages that you are expected to go through.

  • Perimenopause: The start of slowing estrogen and progesterone production. It might result in worse premenstrual syndromes and irregular periods.
  • Menopause: This is the point when your period completely stops coming. It typically lasts for 12 months after perimenopause.
  • Postmenopause: This stage goes on for the rest of your life. The symptoms you experience earlier wane but are replaced by other issues.

The low levels of estrogen results in less serotonin which controls moods, affecting how one interacts with others. As such, you would want to have something to ease these symptoms and help you better transition to this stage of your life.

How Evening Primrose Oil Can Help

Having a good health routine will help deal better with the effects of menopause. Here, it is customary to point out the role of proper nutrition and a consistent exercise program. But these are not enough.

This is where evening primrose oil (EPO) will be a lot of help. EPO is the extract of a plant found in North America that has been considered an effective treatment for various menstrual conditions. Several studies have also shown that it can ease the various symptoms of menopause.

In a study conducted by researchers at the Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Iran, the oil was shown to work well in reducing hot flashes. These symptoms are characterized by a sudden warm feeling around the face, neck, and chest. This can also be accompanied by a rapid heartbeat, which might worry those with pre-existing conditions.

“The study showed that evening primrose oil can reduce the severity and occurrence of these hot flashes.”

The study showed that evening primrose oil can reduce the severity and occurrence of these hot flashes. Meanwhile, a separate study by doctors from the Breast Diagnostic Clinic and Mayo Clinic in Minnesota showed that taking a daily dose of EPO can help reduce cyclical mastaglia pain. The recommended dosage for this is 3000 mg of EPO. Better results can also be achieved by combining the same dosage with vitamin E.

Both studies have demonstrated that EPO’s ability to reduce these symptoms is due to the large amounts of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) that it contains. This fatty acid triggers the production of prostaglandins that lessen inflammation in the body and control hormonal changes.

Another interesting aspect of GLA is that it has estrogen-like properties, which further contribute to its ability to reduce the above symptoms. Because of this, evening primrose oil has been suggested as a good alternative for women who have discontinued hormonal replacement therapy. While effective, women undergoing HRT have been shown to have a higher risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular issues. Thus, EPO can be a safer option for them.

Need to get your dose of evening primrose oil? Here is a great option for you. Check it out and get the benefits of EPO for your menopause concerns.

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The Truth About Menopause And How Evening Primrose Oil Can Help

Menopause signals a significant change in women’s lives. When it comes, you may experience a host of bodily changes that may be difficult to cope up with.

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