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About MedChoice Pharma
Prenatal Nutrition: Making the correct choice!

Correct nutrition is an integral part of being pregnant. It enables your body to cope with changes throughout the whole nine months and even beyond.

The Dangers of Iron Deficiency During Pregnancy

Pregnancy puts you at risk of developing iron deficiency anemia (IDA). This is because your body may not be producing enough red blood cells to support you and your baby’s growth.

World Bipolar Day: Choose to be Informed

Bipolar disorder carries with it countless stigma and misconceptions that lead to prejudice, thus making it more difficult for patients to seek help as this causes them to hide their mental illness rather than talk about it.

Why Taking Folic Acid is a Good Choice For Pregnancy

Pregnant women require a constant supply of nutrients to ensure that their babies grow normally. One of such nutrients is folic acid. But what is it exactly and why is it crucial? Let’s take a quick look.

Choose to Manage Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

You wake-up one morning, bloated, muscles aching, joints in pain, and there’s a headache brewing along with cramps in your abdominal area.

Enjoy A Sweet Life With Your Partner Who Has Diabetes

We all express love through sweet gestures and through something that is literally sweet - choco-lates! But what if your partner or loved one can’t tolerate sugar because of diabetes? Does that mean they can’t enjoy sweetness?

The Importance of Calcium

Calcium is one of the essential nutrients people need to have regularly. Women, in particular, need it for many biological processes. But what exactly does calcium provide and how do you ensure that you have sufficient intake of it?

The Truth About Menopause And How Evening Primrose Oil Can Help

Menopause signals a significant change in women’s lives. When it comes, you may experience a host of bodily changes that may be difficult to cope up with.

Watch Out! Common Infections During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful and delicate journey for women. After all, you are not just caring for your life but for your babies as well. One of the potential dangers that may develop during this period are gynecological infections.

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