Kailangan Kumonsulta Kay Doctor? May Choices Online!

DISCLAIMER: MedChoice is sharing some telemedicine links as an information service for patients who are seeking options for online medical consultations.

CloudMD is a fully integrated practice management system capable of telemedicine and works in conjunction with our patient portal, CloudPx.

Medcheck is a Telemedicine, Cloud Electronic Medical Records, Digital Registry and Data Analytics platform.

RecoveryHub is a telepsychiatry platform that allows patients to consult with doctors through video call.

SeeYouDoc provides Telemedicine services for online consultation, as well as e-prescription, diagnosis and medical certificates. All done through the convenience of both computers and mobile devices.

SeriousMD is a Clinical Practice Management Application for doctors. From electronic medical patient records, quick and easy charting, e-prescriptions, do virtual consultations and even accept online payments and more.

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